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IPBA Annual Convention

23rd Annual Convention

Bloomingdale (Chicago), IL
April 27th, 2011 to May 1st, 2011

WHAT AN EVENT! The Chicago Skyliners Chapter outdid themselves to make this a convention to go down in history. 279 registrants know first-hand that this is true. The Hilton-Indian Lakes Hotel is a true resort - with a championship golf course, miniature golf, indoor pool and complete spa services.The theme this year was a replica of the Lucien Lelong skyscraper bottle created by Lalique. Even the table centerpieces used this theme -- and how appropriate for Chicago with its many skyscraper buildings. Convention Chair for this wonderful weekend was Past President Penny Dolnick.

The tours of the city included highlights of the city itself, Frank Lloyd Wright's Home & Studio, the Morton Arboretum and more -- BUT the Saturday night extravaganza at the Sanfilippo "Place de la Musique" was to die for. Words cannot begin to express what our eyes beheld. There are museums around the world that cannot compare. THANK YOU to Member Jeffrey Sanfilippo for wining and dining our entire group, plus providing eye-popping sights of music machines, trains, Tiffany lamps, and the most beautiful carousel ever!

Presentations on "Grosssmith" by Mr. Simon Brooke (keynote), on "Viard" by Peggy Tichenor, on "Irice & Filigree Jewel Top Perfume Bottles" by Lyndie Slack, on "DeVilbiss" by Marti DeGraaf & Toby Mack, on "Art Deco" by Nicholas Dawes were just some of the highlights of convention. During the annual meeting of members, the Honors of the Association were presented to Penny Dolnick. The second year of recognizing Shining Stars saw awards presented to Terry Emmony, Suzanne Heiligman, and Connie Williams. 

The auction of perfume bottles and related vanity items on Friday evening broke all previous years records by topping 1/2 Million Dollars with a sell-through rate of 83%. This IPBA hosted event is the longest running specialty auction of perfume bottles in the world and returning clients have come to expect unique, seldom seen, and undocumented bottles to appear. Ken Leach once again pulled off a fantastic event. Nicholas Dawes was auctioneer.

"Collecting Perfume Bottles, 101" was facilitated this year by Sabra Brea.

Sunday morning saw the "Collectors Roundtables" session with topics and facilitators as follows:  Atomizer Repair by Shari Hopper; Bulgarian Perfume Bottles by Gerda Marshall; Care and Feeding of Your Collection by Richard Bell; Compacts by Andra Behrendt; Czech Dresser Sets by Carol Margolis; Czech Designs on Perfume Bottles and Jewelry by Verna Kocken; Early Victorian Glass by Regina Steperd and Gayle Syers; Fakes, Forgeries, Imposters & Reissues by Pauline & Joan Turco; Perfume Photography by Cindy Lichfield; Perfume Burners & Lamps by Janice Boyd; Portuguese Perfume Bottles by Afonso Oliveira; Vivaudou by Rachal Prince; Which Cut Glass Should You Buy? by Ken Braunstein and Elizabeth & Frank Creech; and Young Collectors by Joanne Begert.

And after a last, nostalgic visit to the fabulous Exhibition and Sale, with any last minute purchases,  the convention ended at noon.