International Perfume Bottles Association


American Scent Bottles: 1770 to the Present

Amy Bergman Antiques

Andrea’s Collection - Andrea Lowenthal - Port Fairy, Australia

Atomizer Hardware Repair
Specialty: Shari Maxson Hopper is a glass and atomizer hardware historian as well as specializing in atomizer hardware repair.

Aunt Judy’s Attic
Specialty: Antique bottles and discontinued perfumes

Bailey Auctions

Bath Antiques Online
Specialty: Antiques For Sale - Antiques & Fine Art Valuations - by Bath Antiques Online

Becker Street Antiques

Broadway Antique Market, Chicago
Specialty: Vintage collectibles

Carol Caslow

CFM Gallery, NYC

Christie Mayer Lefkowith

Collection of JRC Criville
Specialty: From Barcelona, Spain. Click on the headers for each collection to see fabulous items.

Czechoslovakian Collectors Association
Specialty: Dedicated to Austrian, Bohemian and Czechoslovakian Decorative Arts

Factice World
Specialty: Giant Factice Bottles

Flacon Kraft

For The Senses - Deborah Rulli, Medford, NJ

Frederic M. Thibaud
Specialty: Bottle Designer

George Stam
Specialty: Parfum presentations, powder boxes, lipsticks

Herman Silver Restoration & Conservation
Specialty: Professional silver care advice by a silversmith specializing in silver restoration, conservation and preservation. Also does restoration of perfumes with silver or gold attachments.

History of Murano Glass - Research by Marco Piazzalunga
Specialty: Marco is a jeweler by trade but his ambition is to complete a comprehensive history of Murano glass online.

History of World famous Russian Artist Kazimir Malevich's perfume bottle design for Eau de Cologne "Severny"
Specialty: Research by Felix Segal, Master Page

Kirsten Toedter
Specialty: Miniatures

Lady A. Antiques

Le Curieux
Specialty: Fans

Les Flacons de Parfum - Antoine Poujol
Specialty: French website about brands of perfumes, history, advertising and news.

Linked-In Perfume Bottle Group
Specialty: Group site dedicated to perfume bottles. Headed by Frederic M. Thibaud, of Grasse, France

Luv Parfum - Deb O'Neil
Specialty: Buys and sells vintage perfumes - see Business card in PBQ Advertisement section

Marsha Crafts
Specialty: DeVilbiss, Czechoslovakian

Miniature Perfume Shoppe - Leslie Ann White
Specialty: Miniatures & Sample Vials

Specialty: Miniatures

New Old Glass Company - Fernando Gomez
Specialty: Selling New Old Stock of Perfume Bottles from the 1940s-50s Never Filled.

Paradise & Co. - Shari Hopper
Specialty: Atomizer Parts

Parfum Flacons
Specialty: Miniatures

Passion for Perfume - Janice Holton

Perfume Bottles in Russia
Specialty: World of perfume flacons and other beautiful bottles in Russia.

Quirky Finds
Specialty: Vintage Purses, Perfume, Compacts, etc.

Scentserely - Joan & Pauline Turco
Specialty: Vintage Perfume Bottles and Vanity Items

Sherry's Antique Bottles

Solid Perfume - Lisa Pelligrinelli
Specialty: Estee Lauder Solid Perfumes

Someplace in Time - Connie Linne

The Glassman - Leo Sampson
Specialty: Excellent glass repair on perfume bottles.

The Incurable Collector

The International Perfume Foundation
Specialty: "Perfume has been used since antiquity, in all regions of the world by all civilizations. It was made with resins, precious woods, plants and flowers and it was good for health and the environment. Perfume was precious and also used as remedies, using plants curative properties for prevention or therapeutic inhalation. Perfume was presented in precious containers, witness of this important heritage. In the middle of the 20th century the chemical industry found perfume an interesting and profitable market to produce synthetic copies of plants and flowers fragrances allowing brands to market perfumes worldwide at a cheaper cost. To stay healthy today humans need to reconnect with nature, and this is what the International Perfume Foundation is putting in place with all its projects and actions from Natural Perfumery Certification, to the World Heritage Program, to replanting, to preserving original seeds, to children's education programs creating the adults of tomorrow and to important DNA Research. Created in 1995, the International Perfume Foundation is a Belgian non profit organization (ASBL) with representation worldwide. Creezy Courtoy Founder and Chairman +33 6 5976 44 66 Find Business logo/card in PBQ Advertisement section

Time in a Bottle - Melissa Smith

Unique Shoppes -Jane Langdon
Specialty: UNIQUE SHOPPES - Just What the Name Says

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