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Severny, EDC

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Severny, EDC

Perfume Bottle
Frosted Crackle (Craquelure) Glass
Kazimir Malevich / The State Soup-Perfume Factory #5 or “Novaya Zarya” Perfume Factory (former Brocard & Co. Perfume Company)
Embossed Logo “TeZHe” on the bottom of the base
Moscow, Soviet Russia / Soviet Union
Date or Era: 
c. 1921-1922
7.375 in H (19.5 cm)
Additional Information: 
This is 3-part object: bottle, ground-in stopper and cover with Polar Bear. Kazimir Malevich designed this bottle for Brocard & Co. Perfume Company (1864–1917), Moscow, Imperial Russia, approx. in 1910. The original bottle with craquelure was produced from 1911 till approx. 1921-1922 – middle 1920’s. References: Dr. Aleksandra Shatskikh. "BOTTLING A DREAM. A COLOGNE BOTTLE BY MALEVICH", ARTKHRONIKA magazine, #5-6, pages 100-110, Moscow, Russia, Autumn-Winter 2008. Update: The 1st Official display of an extremely rare similar original version of the bottle with craquelures and "TeZHe" logo (c. beginning of 1920's) and 9 latest bottles of 1950's - 1990's for eau de cologne "Severny" at the "KAZIMIR MALEVICH. NOT ONLY "BLACK SQUARE" exhibition dedicated to the life and work of the World Famous Russian Artist. Presented by Museum and Exhibition Center "WORKER AND KOLKHOZ WOMAN" ("RABOCHIY I KOLKHOZNITSA"), VDNH. Curator: Dr. Aleksandra Shatskikh. November 24, 2017 – February 25, 2018. Moscow, Russian Federation.